Is your Quince in the Spring? Top 5 Trends for your Dessert Table

Jazmin Alvarez

The following spring trends were seen at the Expo & Fashion Show. One of the things that stood out were the irresistible desserts, which came in all tastes and styles!

dessert tableFollow these Quince cake trends for spring and enjoy every bite of it!

1. Multiple Tiers: One layered cakes are a thing of the past! Each layer should have a piece of your personality and style.

Quince Cake Trends 

2. Damask instead of lace: Damask designs have recently made a comeback! It’s classic, girly, and super chic. Perfect for a Paris themed Quince in the spring! Remember to combine it with a light color such as pink or a spring inspired flower for added elegance.

Cake 3


3. Bold Colors: Colors such as coral, orange, yellow, and turquoise will make your cake the star of the dessert table! Think spring when choosing your cake colors. Remember, the bolder the better!

Cakes 2

4. Flowers & fruit to brighten it up: Fresh fruit, chocolate covered strawberries, strawberry shortcake, and your favorite desserts are ideal to decorate the dessert table. Besides cake, your guests will be looking for other options to satisfy their sweet tooth. Add fresh tropical flowers such as orchids to emphasize your spring theme!


5. Desserts other than cake in pastel colors: We all know pastel colors are part of spring. Luckily there is a dessert that’s not only delicious but comes in pastel colors – macaroons! You can also purchase dessert cups in any color to place your favorite dessert in.

Cake 5

Cake 4

flower wall

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