Must-Have Mexican Treats for Your Dessert Table

Jocelyn Pasillas

It’s no secret Mexicans have the best food—and this includes all the delicious candies and desserts too!

With that being said, we want to offer a list of the best sweets to choose from for a scrumptious, mouth-watering Mexican inspired dessert table.

List of THE BEST candy options:

The perfect combination for your Charro themed fiesta.

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-Lorena Pelon

-Jabalina tarugo

-Lucas Chamoy

-Beny Locochas Mango

-Ricolino Duvalin

-Coronado Paleta Paleton Cajeta

-Nestle Carlos V

-Nuestras Monedas Chocolate


-Vero Paleta, Mango, Elote, Rebanaditas

-Vero Rellerindos


-Paleta Payaso


-Lucas Salsaghetti

Dessert Table Options:

Not a fan of the candies? There’s a little bit for everyone. Here are some alternative options that your guests will enjoy, without a doubt! Get creative and include your most favorite postres to mix and match for your own exclusive dessert table!

Elote Bar

Rent the elotero man if you have to!

Bionico Bar

The perfect combination of yummy + healthy options! Simply provide fresh fruit, yogurt, and top it off with some granola or chocolate sprinkles.


Specially if you are celebrating your Quince during the hot season, provide your guests with refreshing options in order to keep cool!

Bolis Station

Growing up, we all enjoyed some bolis! Bring the ‘cool’ to your fiesta and provide natural bolis for everyone. 😉

Chamoy Fountain

Regularly, there’s chocolate fountains—but not at this party! Switch it up by having a chamoy fountain you can dip all your fruit in! If you want to add more spice to this station, provide pepinos locos on the side.

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Churro Station

Hire a vendor who can provide fresh churros for everyone! Have filling options available.

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Pan Dulce

You can never go wrong with freshly baked sweet bread! Save money, all while taking a bite to one of the main delights Mexico has to offer—pan dulce! Set it up as a mini panaderia!

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Which desserts are your favorite? Share with us down below!

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