NEW Cake Trends to Consider for your Quinceanera

Jocelyn Pasillas

Dying to try something new for your XV celebration? We don’t blame you!

Opt-out of the traditional cakes and try something extravagant!

Here are a few cake trends you can ask your baker to create. Put them to the test, when making your dream cake a reality!


Number Cake

We’ve seen an increase in number cakes as they are not only shaped according to how old you’re turning, they are also personalized in various colors, flowers, and goodies you specifically love! You also have the option of choosing the shape of your cake to be your initials. Match your cake to the color scheme of your party and don’t forget to add delicious chocolate-covered strawberries or your favorite sweets.

Textured Buttercream Design

Can’t decide on a design for your quince cake? Try out a textured buttercream cake design as they are painted to give a 3D impression. This is perfect for all sorts of designs that fit your theme. You also have the option of going with something simple or dramatic with lots of colors!

Cake and Cupcake Tower

Without a doubt, we all love a good variety! Instead of getting extra layers on your cake, give your guests the option of getting a slice of cake or a cupcake. Plus, it gives your cake an extra pop when combining both.

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Cake Mapping

A special technique created by Luma Bakery in which you use a projector on a plain white multi-layered cake to create a 3D video visual appearance. This super high-tech cake mapping is definitely something different to try out that will impress all your guests!

Money Cake

There is no better duo than a cake that has money, seems too good to be true right? Hidden by a nice cake topper, this surprise cake contains money rolled up in plastic that can be easily pulled out once removing the cake topper.

Which new cake idea will you be trying out for your Quinceanera?

Featured images are property of Katy Mikitenko and Luma Bakery!

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