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When choosing your cake for your fifteen, you should not sacrifice taste for appearance. If you’re salivating thinking of pie your grandmother, keep in mind that even a sophisticated cake decorated in fondant can save a Latin twist in it: dulce de leche or caramel.

The quinceañera cake is a crucial detail when closing your celebration with flourish. If you want a cake that not only looks professional and impressive, but that is also delicious made with fresh, natural ingredients such as home-baked to traditional recipes, you can count on  “El Manjar Peruano” to deliver just that.

Implementing the rich heritage of Andean recipes and experience in Peru since 1989, Maritza and Javier Muñoz put in order their business, “Marissa’s Cakes” in the city of Downey, California, in 2001.

Traditionally at the forefront

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“Our style pastry is Peruvian, whose characteristic is to be filled with blancmange, also known as dulce de leche or caramel,” says Javier. But although the style of baking and recipes are traditional, the Muñoz remain at the forefront in the design of their cakes.

Last year the latest fashion trends were the cakes irregular or crooked, “Topsy Turvey” now asserts Javier Muñoz, the most requested quinceañeras are the figures, the cakes themselves are a sculpture. “What’s hot cakes are the 3-dimensional (3D cakes) that are decorated with figures, sculptures, from a bag to a shoe, or as much as the top overall shape of the cake,” says the accomplished baker.

Of course, the second most requested style, remain the irregular or “topsy turvey” (also known as crooked cakes), followed by cakes of flats, especially those made with nature-inspired decorations, mounted on a stand type tree. The most popular are perhaps the leading butterfly decorations and masks or masks with peacock feathers.

Classic and delicious

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But while the exterior is more imaginative, cutting the cakes are still seeing the usual flavors. According to Muñoz, “among the most requested flavors are the classic vanilla, chocolate, marble, carrot, red velvet, flavored with spices (spiced), strawberry, lemon and they can add dried fruit.” But the filler par excellence, of course, is his specialty: dulce de leche or caramel is the flavor that your customers prefer and which has become a name that references each cake wins.

The color of magic and pasta americana.

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The coverage of the cakes can be cream, butter cream or pasta americana (“fondant”). The original designs and particularly the reasons for making sophisticated use of the versatility of this pasta, as the “fondant” is very flexible and allows knead until getting the desired shapes and can be applied as pigments, flavors and molds to where we take imagination.

Tips for ordering your cake for your fifteen.

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The Muñoz have attended many quinceañeras and they want to share these basic tips that will make easier the process of ordering your cake and the result is as or better than you had imagined:

– We recommend a period of 4 to 6 months in advance to plan and cover all the details with due care (although Munoz does rush orders or short term).

– It is not easy to determine the size of the cake you need for your celebration. The right amount of cake is calculated according to the model selected and the ages of people will attend. The baker can help, but the answer is usually the availability of pocket who has the budget for the celebration.

– If you are very indecisive, or guests have very different cultural background, it is recommended to be of different cake flavors to please all guests with a same request.

– The cake for your fifteen must be located in a single table beside the head table and avoid being around other objects placed near gifts, plates or accessories that overshadow or block the view to appreciate the elegance of a good cake.

¿Cream or fondant?

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As coverage, the Muñoz do not hesitate in recommending fondant frosting as the best presentation, which can produce a better quality of coverage, uniquely designed to suit the client.

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