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Peacock Feathered Quinceañera Cakes

Jose Francisco Sanchez

Stephanie Fisher, owner of Gimme Some Sugar, a cake shop in Bakersfield, CA, boasts beautiful cakes, including quinceañera cakes.

With over 10 years of experience, Chef Stephanie Fisher and her team have matched people’s tastes thanks to their spectacular cakes and other mouth-watering pastries.

“My forte is cakes for weddings, but the orders for Quinceañera cakes have been increasing little by little. Currently, we make between 3 and 4 cakes a week to fill the demand in this sector dominated by the Hispanic community,” said Fisher.

If they wanted, the staff at Gimme Some Sugar could probably make more Quinceañera cakes on a weekly basis, but the specialty team prefers to concentrate on delivering high quality cakes with the colors and flavors that clients want. This is a very important aspect in the Quinceañera cake market because, in most cases, it is the girls who ask for a design or color according the theme of their party.

“What they are asking for now are cakes with fun colors, those that have different colored layers, as well as the traditional designs like castles and princesses,” said the chef. “The most popular Quinceañera cakes are those with inlaid peacock feathers and others with similar colors. Girls also like cakes with sparkling decorations such as sugar diamonds.”

Although Gimme Some Sugar is a relatively small business, Fisher boasts that her cakes are 100% hand-made and that each cake creation is closely supervised to ensure that the quality of the ingredients are to the satisfaction of the client. Fisher recommends girls to place their order 2 to 4 months in advance of their Quinceañera celebration.

Their prices are quite accessible, especially if you take into consideration the overall quality, taste and expert touch that goes into each Quinceañera cake. For example, if you order a cake for 200 guests, the basic design may cost $600, and if it is intricate, it may cost up to $2,000. “When placing orders Quinceañeras don’t pay as much attention to the price as they do to whether or not we can match their expectations,” said the expert Chef.

Gimme Some Sugar cupcakes.

Aside from making Quinceañera cakes, Gimme Some Sugar also creates cupcakes and other decorative arrangements which you and your guests can sink your teeth into as well.

So if you are looking for a perfect Quinceañera cake for your party, in Gimme Some Sugar you will surely find something you’ll like. And if you already made up your mind as far as what design you want the Gimme Some Sugar team to create for you Quince, make sure to visit their shop on  2100 19th St., Suite D along with a $100 down payment to secure the delivery date. You can pay the rest in installments, covering the total three weeks before the day of the party.

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