Quince Cakes for the Hottest Themes of the Year!

Jazmin Alvarez

You have everything you need for your Quince but you’re missing the icing on the cake, literally! If the cake is one of the last things on your list, stress no more! We’ll show you the most spectacular cakes presented by the experts at the Quinceanera.com Expo & Fashion Show San Fernando Valley. Stay in tune with the latest trends and give your guests a slice of freshly baked goodness!

What’s your Quinceanera theme? Here are the most delicious Quince cakes for the hottest themes of the year!

1. Peacock Theme

peacock themed Quince Cakes

2. Beauty & the Beast Theme


3. Paris Theme


4. Cinderella Theme


5. The Secret Garden Theme


6. Black & White Affair


7. Princess Theme


Is cake not your cup of tea? Serve yummy cake pops instead!

Jazmin Alvarez

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