Street art inspired Quinceanera cakes

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Quinceanera cakes

“Candle Light Bakery” is making graffiti art accessible for your Quince. Check out the Quinceanera cakes that come out of this unique bake shop.


Across the world artists such as Banksy are painting the streets with images of social commentary. In Los Angeles alone, widely known multi media artists such as Shepard Fairey are using modern techniques like screen prints, stencils, and stickers to evoke thought and present their own perspective of life.

Although considered by some as a form of vandalism, there are others that embrace the graffiti subculture as a form of artistic creation—an expression that, according to Eric Quan of Candle Light Bakery, is one idea that teens can relate to. “It’s part of today’s culture,” said the 26-year-old, first generation Japanese American, whose parents opened the first of two cake locations some 18 years ago.

Quinceanera cakes

Eric Quan is proud of his team’s unique perspective on Quinceanera cakes.

The oldest of three sons, Eric has helped shape his immigrant parent’s shaky business into a profitable 2-store chain that serves the Hispanic communities of Lynwood and Norwalk. His main business goal is to spearhead Candle Light Bakery into a shop that is affordable and relevant. “Many of our designers paint or draw outside of the shop, so they give our cakes a unique street edge and a step-up from the competition.”

Quinceanera cakes

At Candle Light Bakery, even simple brush strokes take on a whole new meaning.

Just as a graffiti artist’s would do on any given space, these designers speak the language of the subculture, but use cake as their canvas instead. Among the skills of his staff are their ability to airbrush and hand paint unique designs on their cakes. “Quince girls want something extravagant like this,” said Quan. “And although some adults may not understand it, there are ways around that.” For teens in need of help of convincing their parents to purchase a cake of this style, Quan suggests sticking with themes that are appropriate for a teenager, “like peace and love”.

Quinceanera cakes

This cake required the technique of urban art graffiti spray paint.

And while a Banksy or Shepard Fairey original may cost you in the thousands, Quinceanera cakes from Candle Light Bakery creation will only cost you $3 per serving, $6 if you prefer fondant.

Working mostly out of his Norwalk location, Quan is proud of his teams for being one of the local fire-starters on the graffiti-inspired cake trend. “That’s always been the idea: to present something new to our clients.” And although he’s not part of the graffiti art communities in Los Angeles, his team is still a motely crew of sorts, and an emerging group of cake designers that hopes to add street credibility to your Quince, one cake at a time.

Quinceanera cakes

If going with this theme for your Quince cake, stick with details that are appropriate for your age.

Popular Quinceanera cakes at Candle Light Bakery:
– Masquerade-themed cakes are high on demand
– Clients can’t get enough of its house neopolitan cake
– Traditional vanilla chocolate and red velvet bread are hot at this cake joint
– Don’t overlook its caramelized bananas filling as an option for Quinceanera cakes


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