Summer flavors for a Quinceañera Cake

Gabriela Alvarado

Are you celebrating your 15th birthday this summer? Choose a Quinceañera cake that suits this heated season.

Look for filling options that will go with the freshest flavor of your choice. For example, if you like chocolate but would prefer more of a summery flavor; add a cherry filling to your cake.

Here are two suggestions to help you choose a Quinceañera cake that work perfects for this time of the year.

1)      Blueberry & Cream fruitcake

Quinceanera cake with strawberries

This Quince cake is the perfect mix of fresh summer ingredients resulting in a distinctive taste and delicious flavor.

Cake decoration: Let the ingredients be the highlights of the cake; do not overdo the decoration by adding color. Keep it classy and instead use delicate hydrangeas combined with a neutral color.

2)      Lemon pie

Classic lemon pie never fails; even when it is a traditional recipe with the proper decoration it can surely impact your guests. The freshness of this cake will allow your guests to enjoy your party even more.

Cake decoration: The simplicity of this cake allows you to play adding colors and drawing crazy designs. Complement it with butterfly graphics or decorations made of sugar and flowers.

Keep in mind that summer is a season full of energy and life that will most likely bring you beautiful experiences to remember. Let your creativity flow and get inspired this summer season.


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