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Surprise Your Guests With these Dessert Ideas

Quince Madrina

The latest alternative to a Quinceañera cake also serves as a centerpiece or party favor.


Taking the form of an original push pop candy and push up ice cream, the latest trend in cake decorating is mini size cupcakes stuffed inside a clear cylinder that with a push from the bottom, reveals the cupcake treat at the top.

Cake shooters, push pop cakes, cupcake shots. These lovely dessert items have as many names to them as they have options as how to prepare and present them. Some of your options for preparation include filling them with pieces of cake or mini cupcakes, and layering them with pudding, frozen treats, fruit, or candies in between each layer of cake.

When placed in a stair step or round stand such as those available from, push pop cakes can be presented as the main Quinceañera cake, perfect for individual serving. Or when placed in groups of 6-7, for example, cake shooters can serve as a fun centerpiece.

And if you’re debating on what type of party favor will have your guests leaving your birthday party with a sweet memory, cupcake push pops can serve as delightful party favors that guests can easily take home with them to enjoy.


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