Top 10: Quince Cake Flavors

Jazmin Alvarez

Have you heard the expression “what truly counts is the inside”? So true, even when it comes to a Quince cake!

Don’t get me wrong, you want a gorgeous cake that’ll amaze your guests the moment they first lay their eyes on it. But you also want your guests to enjoy every bite and rave about it! Whether your taste buds are asking for something sweet or something tangy, there’s a Quince cake flavor designed just for you!

Here they are! These are the top 10 Quince cake flavors that won’t disappoint!  

P.S. Plan to visit your local bakery after reading about these divine delicacies, just sayin’ ; )

1. Chocolate: Even though you’re nervously transitioning into womanhood, you’re still allowed to love chocolate!  With so many different chocolate flavors depending on the richness, it can be easily paired with other flavors such as strawberry, mint, and banana. To make it super rich, tell your baker to add chocolate fudge or choose a German chocolate cake to lighten the flavor. Considering the fact that chocolate has been the #1 flavor for years in a row, your guests will not resist holding back from taking another bite!

Chocolate Cake

2. Red Velvet: Since the discovery of red velvet as a flavor, we now have seen and tasted red velvet cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, even frappuccinos! We love the creamy and rich texture combined with the cream cheese frosting that has a unique taste, neither chocolate nor vanilla. If you’re theme involves red, this cake flavor is a must!

Red Velvet

3.  Lemon: If your taste buds are desperately asking for something tangy on your very special day, order a lemon flavored Quince cake! To complete the cake, pair it off with lemon buttercream frosting or with delightfully fruity flavors such as raspberry or strawberry. Perfect for a spring time Quince!

Lemon Cake

4. Vanilla: You can’t go wrong with this classic flavor! It’s light, yet creamy and can be combined with just about anything! You can even dress it up with exotic flavors, the options are endless. Best of all, it goes with any theme and time of year!

5. Coconut & Lime: If you were indecisive between your Quince and a trip to an island paradise, why not bring the tropical elements to your Quince? The combination of the tartness from the lemon and the richness from the coconut will not disappoint! If you want to stay away from chocolate, you can still have a rich flavor by choosing this flavor.

Coconut Lime

6. Carrot: Who knew carrots would become a pleasantly sweet flavor?! If you’re bold and think chocolate and vanilla are boring, a carrot cake will best describe your personality on your Quince. Grated carrots and nuts will beautifully top off your cake!

7. Tiramisu: If your menu consists of Italian food, why not finish it off with a piece of tiramisu for dessert round?! Tiramisu has been an increasingly popular coffee-flavored Italian dessert over the years. Ladyfingers dipped in coffee with a pinch of cocoa makes this flavor truly dreamful!


8. The Napoleon: With three layers of puff pastry, two layers of pastry cream, and sometimes with white cake this crunchy dessert has an irresistible texture! You’re able to customize this type of cake and add jam or fresh fruit. Amazing if you’re trying to think out of the box!

Napolean Cake

9. Tres Leches: Sponge cake dipped in evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream. The final result? A heavenly light cake that’s very moist and sweetened to perfection. If you want to celebrate your roots on your special day, choose a tres leches cake! It’s a popular choice among the Hispanic culture. Use a fresh fruit filling to complete your fabulous cake!

Tres Leches

10. Cheesecake: Lemon cream, chocolate, strawberry, mango…cheesecakes come in a huge variety of flavors to match your tastes! The crust is crunchy and the upper layers are irresistibly creamy! It’s a match made in heaven!


quince cake


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