Unique Quinceañera Cakes from the Ontario Expo

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Spring Fruit Cake Ideas for Your Quinceanera

The Quinceañera.com expo in Ontario was packed with vendors wanting to help you plan your quinceañera and especially your quinceañera cakes.

As a recap of the Ontario expo, we would like to emphasize the beauty and uniqueness of the quinceañera cakes that the vendors showcased.

Of course, the design and style of your quinceañera cakes should complement your theme but, maybe if you haven’t yet chosen your theme then the quinceañera cakes from the expo will help you. For cute designs that will express your femininity, maybe consider a castle arrangement of your multiple cakes. To have a white castle, the cakes should be covered in white frosting but have layers of different flavors in the inside.

For castle quinceañera cakes, possible decoration ideas could include lights, pink flowers, or a doll representing you as a princess. Other ideas for quinceañera cakes may showcase no specific design but instead include multiple cakes arranged on the branches of trees. At the Quinceanera.com Expo a couple of quinceañera cakes followed this idea and they were decorated with flowers, beads, multi-colored frosting, glitter, butterflies, and real leaves.

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More extravagant quinceañera cakes included an elevated design using the architectural enforcement of a star lighted up or a Cinderella ball. These quinceañera cakes really stood out due to the light display, their size, and their elegance. Another unique design is a tower that lights up with cakes at the different levels.

Other vendors at the expo featured quince cakes of the more traditional designs with layers. However, just because they are arranged as layered step-cakes don’t mean they aren’t as good-looking as the more extravagant ideas for quinceañera cakes. These layered cakes can be decorated with a multitude of flowers (fake and real), icing arrangements, ribbons, and other intricate designs.

Remember quinceañera cakes are meant to show off your unique personality so decide on yours wisely. Our Quinceanera.com Expos have lots of great cake decorating ideas to share with you! (Check out the gallery below)

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