10 Must Do’s Before your Quince Hair and Makeup Appointment

Eva Melgarejo

Follow these 10 easy tips before your hair and makeup appointment and we guarantee you’ll appear flawless as can be be during your Quince!


1 – Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Your entire body – shoulder for strapless, back for low back, etc. before your hair and makeup appointment.


2 – Don’t eat red meat three days before your quince- avoid bloating, you retain water.


3 – Do not wash your hair the day of your Quince. Do it the day before and don’t use conditioner.


4 – Manicure and pedicure a day before.

Relaxing Manicure

Invite your friends for a mani and pedi night!

5 – Wax three days before your Quince.


6 – Hair maintenance – trimming, color, etc. one week before your hair and makeup appointment.


7 – Drink a lot of water and eat breakfast the day of your celebration.


8 – Facial a week before your hair and makeup appointment. Moisturize your face, morning and night. Apply vitamin E.

Young lady receiving facial

There’s nothing like a relaxing facial!

9 – Plenty of sleep the night before, don’t force the make up to cover your dark circles.


10 – Minimum make up during the week of your Quince to prevent break outs.


Eva Melgarejo

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