Fashion Trends in Hairdos: Simple, Soft and Sophisticated

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The latest fashion trends in hairdos highlight a young girl’s natural features. Waves, curls, and textures have made a strong comeback.

A stylish Quinceañera hairdo is the perfect way to show off your teenage beauty, which is why your Quince hairstyle must reflect the smooth and youthful look of your age. On one hand, tradition demands the use of updos, curls, and tiaras. However, this year’s trends call for a more natural look including loose curls, medium-sized accessories, and minimum hairspray, highlighting the liveliness of your youthful hair.

Famous stylist Clark Russell (, who has worked for international celebrities and whose hairdos have shined in such events as Imagen Awards, ALMA Awards, the Oscars, and the Grammys, has opened the doors to his beauty salon in San Francisco in order to share with us the secrets that must lie in your locks this year.


Classic and traditional Quince Hairstyle

Classic and Traditional

Updos are always a great choice. The current trend moves towards loose curls to add texture.  However, stay away from puffy bows, dreadlocks, and twists. Always maintain a simple and elegant hairstyle.

curly hairstyle

Curly Quinceañera hairstyle.

Fashion trends in hairdos: curly hair

Waves, curls, and texture have made a huge comeback! So, this year you won’t see many straight hairdos. The same natural look that sways hairstyles are a perfect match for the soft tones used in makeup and underlined lips.
The good thing about going for a natural look is that your pictures won’t look out of fashion for the next five years. If you want a more sophisticated look, try using faux eyelashes that can highlight your face without wearing too much makeup or a flashy hairdo.

braided hairstyle

Braids as a natural Quince hairstyle.

The Natural Look

If you plan to wear your hair down, we suggest curling or waving your hair. You can also wear a loose braid or pinned curls on the side. These fashion trends in hairdos are perfect to keep your hair away from your face and give you the chance to let your beautiful hair fall down your back.

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