3 Quinceañera Hairstyles Inspired by the Mexican Culture

Gabriela Alvarado


Here are three examples of easy-to-do quinceañera hairstyles that will have you paying homage to the rich Mexican culture, with elegance and style!


This style is so popular and common that even professional stylists have adopted this simple and attractive technique for many of their hairstyles. This look can be complemented with a pretty natural rose or any other headpiece that draws more attention to the style.

Braided Bun

This quinceañera hairdo can be achieved using the braid mentioned before. Once you have a long braid you can twist it around your ponytail to crate a fun, easy going style.

Quinceañera hairstyles: Sleek Pony or Bun

This hairdo has been adopted by many Hollywood celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. With its sleek look, this quinceañera hairstyle draws hair away from the face and neck to draw attention to your facial features and makeup.


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Gabriela Alvarado

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