4 quick Quinceanera hairstyles

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The tresses of celebrities Anahi, Christian Chavez and Shaila Durcal are a few of which have been transformed by hairstylist Tony Ynot.

The Mexican hair and makeup expert is known for his coloring and styling techniques as well as for his work on Project Runway, America’s Next Top Model, and various other television programs. Now, Tony Y Not turns his hot curler into a magic wand to give you a step-by-step guide for landing the perfect DIY Quinceanera hairstyles.

quinceanera hairstyles

Tony Y Not on the set.

1.) Braid It Low
A thick braid worn low and over one shoulder is great for a Quince girl. First, make sure your strands have some volume and aren’t too silky straight. A few twists with a curling iron will do the trick. Next, pull all of your hair over one shoulder and then grabbing thick sections weave into a plait. Finish by roughing it up with both hands. This isn’t a braid that should look too perfect.

2.) Ballerina Buns Are All The Rage
Pull all your hair up as if making a ponytail. Holding the pony with one hand, use your free hand to twist your hair around and tuck it under. Secure with bobby pins. Set it with hairspray and go!

quinceanera hairstyles

Flowing tresses are great for Quinceañeras.

3.) Flowing Tresses
To create perfectly bouncy loose waves, first set hair in hot rollers. Next, brush out curls with a natural bristle brush and mist with a workable holding hairspray. An option to finish the look: make a deep side part, put one side behind the ear and sweep the curls over to the side, letting them cascade over the shoulder or simply have a middle part and let them fall naturally.

4.) Sleek and Sweet Pony’s
Roll your hair entirely in velcro rollers and set with hairspray. Set for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove the rollers and tease your crown. Smooth the teased part back with a fine-tooth comb leaving your hair slightly big on top. Next, pull hair half back and secure with a clip, then pull all leftover hair into a ponytail, secure with an elastic band and you’re done.



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