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5 Most Popular Quinceañera Hairstyles

Gabriela Alvarado

Delicately beautiful, but sure to last the whole night!

Your Quince is just around the corner and it is very likely that the only thoughts that cross your mind are related to your Quinceañera celebration. You may have gone everywhere looking for that perfect Quinceañera hairstyles that fits your look and personality.

Keep in mind that when it comes to choosing the right hairstyle, you must consider certain aspects such as the length of your hair and the many different styles out there. After all, your quinceañera may be the most important day of your young life so your hair must look stunning from start to end.

Nowadays there is a great variety of Quinceañera hairstyles to choose from. Many of them are simple hairdos that are complemented with accessories. Others are much more creative and extravagant. Nevertheless curls, volume, and updos with a natural look are among this summer’s trends. Whether your hair is short, long, straight, or wavy you will most likely transform your hairstyle for your Quinceañera. So make sure to choose the hairstyle you like best and leave the rest for the professional hairstylist.

With that said, here are five of the most popular Quinceañera Hairstyles


• Semi-updo with curls and accessories

This style is very common among young girls nowadays, since it gives a very natural and youthful look. If you decide to use flowers in your Quince hairdo, don’t forget to consider some of their complementary elements.

Our 2012 Ontario Cover Girl, Stephanie Guzmán, is portraying a perfect semi-updo Quinceanera hairstyle.

Our 2012 Ontario Cover Girl, Stephanie Guzmán, is portraying a perfect semi-updo Quinceañera hairstyle.

• Side bun with a natural look

Just because you have an undo doesn’t mean it has to be plain. This look includes a few loose strands that will make you look elegant, flirty, and modern..


This simple side bun highlights the natural beauty of your face.

• Loose updo with a simple knot

This style is best used for wavy hair since the volume will make you look much more fun and comfortable.

Another hairstyle look that you can complement with an accessory.

Another hairstyle look that you can complement with an accessory.

• Curls and volume for short hair

If you think that girls with short hair have fewer options… think again! You can play around with it and create a bun that shows just how dynamic your hair is.

Wave your curly short hair!

Wave your curly short hair!

• Ponytails

This style is very elegant and glamorous. If you decide to curl the loose hair then you will complement a hairdo that is elegant and fun at the same time.


Quick and easy quincea1era hairstyle


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  • Clarissa Aquino

    Hi im having a mixed quince meaning that its not a fully traditional Mexican quinceanera . its a cinerdella theme and most of the cinderella themed hairstyles is updos but i want my hair down . do you have any suggestions for me please ? my 15 is in 4 days :/

  • Maria Gonzalez

    Hi I was wondering if u had an idea of what type of hairstyle I could have for my 15 I’m having a ranch style 15 I love these but I have long hair and I want something that goes with the hole country girl look for my 15

  • I love the ponytail! it’s gorgeous!

  • yesenia

    my quince dress is turquoise with silver gems, what color should my damas dresses be?

    • Elizabeth de la Torre

      To keep it easy, just have them match your color dress!

  • samantha

    Hi my name is samantha and i was wonering if you have any good hairstyles for a hip hop quinceanera?

  • i like these kinds of hairstyles but my quince theme is 50’s style. do you have any styles of hair with the 50’s, please??

    • Gabriela Alvarado

      Hi Crystal,

      I’m sorry we took so long to reply, but I have great news. You gave us the idea to write about Quinceanera hairstyles inspired in the 50’s. Therefore, in this issue we featured that article per your request, we even quote you at the end. So make sure you read it all! We hope you find what you are looking for and please let us know if you need some extra help or more ideas. On behalf of the Quinceanera team, we wish you the best! Here is the link to the article. XOXO