5 Myths About Quinceanera Hairstyles

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Besides your dress, your hair and makeup are what make your look.


To make sure you look your very best on your special day, check out these 5 myths about quinceanera hairstyles you’ll want to keep in mind.

1. It Has To Be Big

You may have noticed that many quinceaneras really push the envelope when it comes to volume, but you don’t necessarily need to have high hair to look fabulous. Sleek styles look just as good as voluminous ones, especially if you want to up the drama with your dress or makeup.

2. You Have To Spend Hundreds of Dollars on Extensions

There’s no need to have hair extensions professionally applied to your locks if you can just wear a simple hair piece. There are all kinds of hair pieces on the market these days that will give you just the look you’re looking for.

3. You Have To Wear An Up-Do

Many girls believe that they need to wear an up-do for their party, but this isn’t true. Up-do’s are generally worn for special occasions, but there are plenty of styles that look fantastic with your hair down. If you can’t decide between leaving your hair down and an up-do, you can always opt for a pretty half up, half down style.

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4. Blasting Your Hair With a Blow Dryer Will Help Set Your Style

While most people tend to think that blasting a completed hairdo with heat will help set it, this isn’t true at all. In all actuality, the best way to set a hairstyle is with a quality hairspray and a quick cool blast of air.

5. You Don’t Need a Trial Run

The best way to ensure that your look is exactly what you imagined is by having a few trial runs before the date of your quince arrives. If you don’t establish the exact look you want before the party, you could find yourself disappointed with your hairstyle.


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