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5 New Makeup Trends to Try at Your Quinceanera!💄💋

By melif

A Quinceañera is one of the most important and exciting events of any girl’s life.


Every girl fantasizes about the perfect dress, hairstyle, and  obviously, the perfect makeup! Finding the right makeup is all about finding what will make YOU feel the most special, beautiful, and confident en tu día especial. From a bold lip to a bold liner, there are so many ways to let your uniqueness shine! Need inspiration? Check out these 5

New Makeup Trends to Try at Your Quince! 

Graphic Eyeliner 

Ever since mask-wearing became a thing, the focus has been all about the eyes. Playing around with different colored liners and abstract lines on the eyelid can be a super fun and creative way to spice up your makeup look! You can keep it simple with a basic black or white eyeliner, or add in some fun colors to make your look really pop. 

Sunburn Blush Makeup

For the past few years, blush took a backseat to bronzer and highlighter as a major trend. But rosy red cheeks are making a comeback! This summer, it’s all about “sunburn blush,” a look that is achieved by applying blush to the cheeks and nose. If you are looking for a natural yet bright look, don’t look any further. 

Dewy, Glowing Skin Makeup

The “no-makeup makeup” is classic and never goes out of style. Tinted moisturizers and dewy foundations are gaining popularity along with cream-based blushes, bronzers, and highlighters. These products will help you achieve a glowing look that will let your natural and inner beauty take center stage. 

Bold, Natural Brows 

The days of skinny and overly drawn in brows are behind us, and bold, natural brows are in! (Que bien para nosotras Latinas). A great technique to accentuate your natural brows is the “soap brows” method. Instead of using a traditional eyebrow gel, use a bar of soap and a spooly brush to comb your brows upward. The soap creates a waxy texture that will lock your bold brows in place all night!

Colorful Mascara

Instead of reaching for a traditional black mascara for your Quince, why not go for a purple or green mascara? Colorful mascara is the perfect tool to make your natural eye color really pop. If you have brown eyes, try a cool tone like plum or forest green. If you have light eyes, try something warmer like red or orange. This is a subtle yet bold way to incorporate fun colors while still focusing on your naturally beautiful features. 

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