Bohemian Hairstyles for the Boho-chic Quinceañera

Quince Madrina

A touch of whimsy, a hippie inspired headband and a free spirit  are all you need to carry this style with grace.


There are various ways to achieve this loose-curl, ethereal style. To find the look that works best with your hair, try the following techniques until you find the one that suits you best.

*For all techniques, shampooing with a volumizing shampoo is highly recommended.

The Air-dry Scrunch
Shampoo hair with voluminizing shampoo and use light conditioner only on the ends of your strands. Towel dry excess water from your hair, scrunching your hair as you go. Once hair is damp, divide your hair into sections and roll them up to the base of your hair securing with bobby pins. Allow for your hair to air dry. Once hair is completely dry, mist it lightly with hairspray to hold the curl. Take pins out and run your fingers through your curls to create a less-than perfect look. Scrunch your hair and mist lightly with hairspray.

The Hot-iron Roll
Take a 1½”-barrel hot iron and set to high. Part your hair in the middle starting from your forehead back to the base of your neck. Taking vertical sections of hair parallel to the hair part, curl your hair and hold the barrel in an upright position to create loose curls. Holding the barrel horizontally will create tighter curls. Repeat until all hair is curled. Run your fingers through your hair to loosen and mess curls. Spray lightly with holding spray.

The Secret Weapon
In this technique, hair product will be your secret weapon. Scrunch your hair with your hands working in small sections while you blow dry. Once your locks are dry, apply a small amount of holding gel on your fingers. Take a section of your hair, and form the base to the end, twist your hair strand as you would a rope. While you twist, apply the holding gel to the entire strand. Repeat until all of your hair is in rope-like sections. Mist with a light hold hair spray and then run your fingers through the strands to create a messy look. Scrunch your hair to create more body texture.

A simple headband works best with this hair trend as opposed to a tiara or a pageant-like crown. To add glamour to the headband, choose one that sparkles or one with a flower or feather on it. Diamonds also look great on Boho headbands. To choose the one that works best for your quince, try the various styles of headbands with your quince dress. The headband should accentuate your dress and not take away from it. For a simple dress, opt for a dramatic, eye-catching headband. And for an elaborate dress, a simple headband will do the trick and will have you looking like the ethereal goddess you are.


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