Coachella Inspired Hair-styles

Jocelyn Pasillas

In honor of California’s most popular festival where the trendiest looks meet the most unique and daring fashion styles… we present to you the coolest eye-catching Coachella hairstyles this year!

Bold enough to try any of these for your Quinceanera?

Coachella hairstyles

Photo courtesy of: Ernesto Hernandez

There are no rules when it comes down to trying different hairstyle looks, EVERYTHING is acceptable from length to different colored hair or even both!

Fierce Color Coachella hairstyles

One of the many trends the youngest Jenner sister is known for, is her daring hairstyles she knows how to pull off. Kylie has now became one of Coachella Queens. Green, purple, pink, blue, orange, red, she’s had it all!

Messy Braids

Braids were LIT at Coachella this year! From French braids to Dutch, mermaid and four strand creations, this was by far, “the hair trend” to follow up.

Loose hair-dos


The goddess of Coachella, Vanessa never seems to disappoint with her laid back looks. Usually rocking beach waves with her stylish looks one can’t go wrong when choosing hair down! Also common and new are the two-bun hairstyles girls are now incorporating to this year’s festival trend. Will you be adding this new trend to your quinceañera as well?


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