DIY, Quinceañera Hairdos

Jose Francisco Sanchez

Floral arrangements and short quinceañera hairdos without chopping off your locks and cute braids are all beautiful and stylish DIY ideas.

Most quinceañeras care about their quinceañera hairdos so much they rather pay a professional to take care of it first thing in the morning. However, sometimes you can’t make it to the salon and there is nothing left to do but to ask your friends for help with your hair.

These next ideas will help you come up with a spectacular DIY quinceañera hairdos:


Flower arrangements
Instead of pinning your hair with the typical accessories decorate your hairstyle with flowers. Curl your hair and place dry flowers on your locks; you can even match the colors of these with your Quince theme.


Click here for the tutorial!

Short hairdo without sacrificing your locks
Surprise your guests with fake short hair! Hide your hair under your neck bone to make it seem as if you just cut your hair. All you need is hair spray to hold it down. Comb it and secure it with well-hidden pins. For a daring look take two of your longest locks to frame your face and rock at least a couple of longer locks in front.

Loose braid
Make a headband out of your own hair, all you need is a hairdryer! Straightened your hair and split it, grab approximately one inch of hair keep the rest to the side and make a brad out of it. Pin it and you’re ready to go!


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