Quinceañera Hairstyles Rocco Donna’s Way

Alicia Garcia de Angela
Quinceañera Hairstyles

Wavy quinceañera hairstyles add volume to your hair

It is well known the most important thing for a quinceañera is the dress; however we must not forget the quinceañera hairstyles needed!

Leonardo Rocco had always wanted to reach the top as a hairstylist, having achieved his lifelong dream in Argentina he then decided to conquer the United States where his scissors currently shape celebrities’ hairstyles such as Paulina Rubio, Juanes, Eva Longoria and Alejandro Fernandez.

Leonardo Rocco, celebrity hairstylist, knows about this. His hair salon, located in Miami is not only visited by the most popular Latino celebrities like David Bisbal, Luis Fonsi, Paulina Rubio o Juanes but also teenage girls who want to look radiant for their Quince party.

quinceañera hairstyles

The expert on quinceañera hairstyles

He began building up his experience in Argentina along with his father, who not only taught him everything he knows but also inherited him the passion to be innovative and always stay on top. Add to this is his education at Europe’s finest hairstyling school and his multiple collaborations with shows like Despierta America, Sabado Gigante as well as with the magazine People en espanol, it was expected for him to become famous.

“My best advice for quinceañeras is to wear their hair up in order for the dress to stand out” says Leonardo, “Another option would be a half up do for the face to be the focus point along with the hair accessories”.  Quinceañera hairstyles featuring loose, wavy hairdos resembling the 50’s and 60’s are in trend.

Quinceañera Hairstyles

Some quinceañera hairstyles will require you to wear hair extensions.

What must a Quinceanera avoid at all cost? , the famous hair stylist says the biggest mistake would be to wear their hair as they usually do. Even though the dress is the main attention, the hairdo is the one highlighting every picture.

Girls who want quinceañera hairstyles makeover for their quinceañera, Leonardo recommends doing it three or four months before the celebration to be sure the new style is what they wish to portrait on that special day. It is also important to keep in mind the accessories and dress to be worn on that day to know what quinceañera hairstyle would compliment them.

Lastly, Leonardo advices to take care of your hair with adequate  beauty products for your type of hair, months in advance that way you ensure your hair will look amazing.

quinceañera hairstyles

Quinceañera hairstyles with your hair up will make you look classy

Even when it is vital to choose a professional to style your quinceañera hairstyles,  it is key you play your part.

Leonardo Rocco, official spokesman for  Suave Professionals®, wishes to expand his business to cities such as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, but meanwhile his LA native fans will have to resign themselves to watch him on TV and through his websites: www.RoccoDonna.com and www.Facebook.com/BellezaSuave

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