Quinceanera Hairstyle Tutorial: Braided Half-up with Loose Waves

Jazmin Alvarez

Looking for a way to steal the spotlight with an over-the-top hairstyle?

Now trending are braided hairstyles with long gorgeous waves.

quince-hairstyleIf you love these trends and want to save money, DIY your dream hairstyle with the help of this easy quinceanera hairstyle tutorial!

Best of all, you’ll get exactly what you envision. No last minute surprises with your hairstylist!



Step 1: Free your hair from knots by combing it thoroughly with a brush

Step 2: Part hair in half and secure it with a butterfly hair clip

Step 3: Curl your hair in sections using a 1″ curling wand. Use hairspray to keep your curls in place

Step 4: Loosen up your curls by running your fingers through the curls and shaking them up

Step 5: Part your hair horizontally on the upper part of your head

Step 6: Make a dutch braid on both sides of your head

Step 7: Loosen up the braid by pulling the sides

Step 8: Separate a section of hair above the braid and secure with a butterfly hair clip

Step 9: Tie the braids together with an elastic hair band

Step 10: Tease the sectioned hair at the crown

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Jazmin Alvarez

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