Easy-peasy Summer Hairstyles!

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Summer is just around the corner and that means it’s time to show off your beach body along with your chic summer style. Since the weather’s hot, there really is no need to spend tons of time on your hair during the summer.


The best hairstyles for summer days are actually ones that can be finished in just a few minutes. Check out these popular summer hairstyles that take only about 5 minutes or less!


Braids are super easy and perfect for summertime. Braid just your bangs for a sweet style or give yourself a casual side braid for more relaxed looks. To mix it up every now and then, try different kinds of braids. For example, the fancy looking fishtail braid is all the rage this year!

Pony Tails

Simple pony tails are usually a go-to hairstyle when the temperatures are high. To spruce your pony tail up a bit, try different styles such as a high pony, a messy one, or even a sleek sophisticated one.


Space Buns

Another fun way to wear your hair during the summer is in a cute space buns. Achieve this look by splitting your hair in half and twisting parts of your hair and pinning them to the top or side of your head with bobby pins. To ensure the twists stay in place, lightly spray your finished do with a humidity proof hairspray.

Top Knots

This style keeps your hair out of your face, which is a huge advantage on those hot summer days. Take your top knot to a whole other level by mixing it up with the addition of a braid or two, or perhaps even add in a fabulous accessory.

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Breezy Waves

Of course one of the most basic summer hairstyles is laid-back waves. To achieve this look, make sure your waves are loose and spritz your style with a texturizing spray before air drying.


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