A Quick Quince Hairstyle in 5 Easy Steps

Adairis Moreno

A side chignon is the perfect quinceanera hairstyle for any occasion. Elegant, sophisticated and unique are only a few of the many adjectives to describe such an effortlessly hairdo.

This practical hairdo emulates all vintage eras combined with retro volume, so whether it is for a night out with friends or your quinceanera, prepare yourself to look fabulous in just five easy steps.


5 Easy steps for your Quince Hairstyle

Step 1
Split your hair in four sections. Divide each section in 1 inch pieces and spray them to make sure the curls will last longer. Curl your hair in medium spirals.

Step 2
Tease your hair in order to create volume and make a hair bump at the crown of your hair.  Sweep it carefully with a comb and pin it.


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Step 3
Pin your hair to the side forming crosses as you go. This will help your hair stay in place.

Step 4
Place the tips of your spirals in the shape of a flower. For a more innocent yet elegant look, the chignon must be underneath your ear.

Step 5
Try hiding the bobby pins in your hair and spray it so it stands strong. Sweep a comb to tighten any loose pieces of hair and voila your Quince Hairstyle is done!


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