Types of Hair Extensions, Price and Durability

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If you dream of having long, beautiful tresses on the day of your Quince, but your hair is short and grows back slowly, or it’s damaged, don’t worry and thank whoever invented hair extensions.

Nowadays, there are plenty of methods to give your hair more volume and length, and our favorite is hair extensions. They could be natural (100% human hair) or synthetic, and they come in a great variety of colors, lengths and textures, so you’ll probably find the right one for you!

Check out the different types of hair extensions and choose the best for your budget, style and patience:


Keratin Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions allow you to do anything that you regularly do to your own hair; you can straighten it, blow dry it, and even dye it. On the contrary, synthetic hair extensions will need special hair appliances with temperature regulators because locks can burn. The plus side, however, is that they’re less expensive than natural ones.


Tape Hair Extensions

In order to find the type of extension that is best for you, the first step is to check your budget. Ask a professional about the prices of products as well as services, sometimes you can find the hair at a cheaper price on the internet or at a beauty supply store.

Tape Hair Extensions
Process takes between 1 and 2 hours, depending on length
They last about 2 months and cost between $200 and $500

Keratin Hair Extensions
Process takes between 4 and 6 hours
They last about 2 months and cost between $120 and can go over $1,000

Process takes between 1 and 2 hours, depending on length
They last about 6 weeks and cost anywhere from $100 an over $1,000

Micro-bread Hair Extensions
Process takes about 4 hours
They last about 4 months and cost between $500 and up to $800

Clip-on Hair Extensions
Process takes between 5 to 10 minutes depends on length and expertise. Durability depends on how often you wear and take care of them and cost from $20 for a few strands to over $500 for great quality.


Clip on Hair Extensions

Also, there are some do-it-yourself hair extensions (clip-on) that could be perfect for you.With these extensions you’ll also save more money, but before you purchase them, ask a professional if these would be appropriate for what you plan to do with your hair on the day of your Quince.


Micro bead Hair Extensions


Sew-in Hair Extensions “Weave”

Whatever option you choose, remember not to exceed your budget, ask and compare prices in advance, so at the end everything comes out perfect.


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