Stick with this classic quinceañera hairstyle look.

Choosing the Perfect Hairstyle for a Quinceañera

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It is recommended for a young lady to have a hairstyle that is not too elaborate; one that reflects the innocence of her and which makes her feel comfortable enough to walk among her guests like a princess.


In order to look classic and timeless, your hairstyle should look as natural as possible. The hairstyle just like every other detail of your celebration should not be randomly chosen, especially because it accentuates your features and complements the dress you will be wearing on that unforgettable day.

The first thing you should do to select a hairstyle that best matches your style is to look for ideas in magazines or on the Internet. Collect pictures of hairstyles you like. Keep in mind your hair type: straight, wavy, fine, thick, short, medium, or long, so you can select your best style.

Hairstyle for Different Tastes
An updo can accentuate face and make your neck look elegantly long. A very high updo (at the crown of your head) gives you an air of sophistication and is great for a formal occasion, whereas a lower updo is better suited for a more casual celebration. If you are wearing a bow, it is a good idea to add natural flowers. They give a fabulous touch! If you decide to wear flowers talk to a florist so he can help you make the perfect choice. Select small flowers such as orchids, stephanotis also known as Madagascar Jasmine, or Waxflower. A good thing about wearing a hair bow is that your hair will look great at all times, especially if the celebration takes place during the summer or if you live in a tropical area where humidity can ruin your hairstyle.

If your hair is not long do not worry because nowadays hair extensions are very popular and can add volume and length for a hairstyle that requires more hair than what you actually have. If you choose to wear extensions make sure to go to an experienced professional because you do not want to have an unpleasant surprise. Even though long hair allows a greater variety of hairstyles, young ladies with medium or short hair can also look dazzling. For example young ladies who have medium to long hair have the option to use extensions or hairpieces to create a different hairstyle where they can sweep up all of their hair or just part of it. On the other hand young ladies with short hair can select a hairstyle from the 20’s, wear a diadem, or decorated pins that are adequate for the occasion.

If your hair is curly you can select a hairstyle where some of your hair is swept up but some of your curls are left untied. This style allows you to use your accessories, while your curls soften the expression of your face without taking away elegance. Wavy hair may be worn loose or you can tie just a bit; in this case ask your hair stylists to accentuate your curls and choose a nice tiara or diadem.

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These tips on hairstyles will keep your guests staring.

Final Touch
Tiaras, which are very stylish right now, can be worn with your hair held up and a few loose curls. There are also some tiaras with pearls, flowers or crystals. You can also choose a diadem. Nowadays the use of tiaras among Quinceañeras is very popular. There are simple ones or more elaborate ones, like those worn in beauty pageants. It is recommended that a young lady uses a simple tiara that will give her a special touch and will not overshadow your hairstyle. These tiaras are known as European tiaras.


  1. Nowadays there are no rules for hairstyles.
  2. If you decide to wear your hair loose, take note of the condition your hair is in. You should have a good hair cut and a special treatment several days before the celebration to make your hair smoother and shinier.
  3. To select your hairstyle take into consideration the neckline of your dress as well as your accessories; try not to wear all of your jewelry at once.
  4. You should visit your hairstylist before the celebration for a hairstyle test so you could see how you will look with the hairstyle you have selected. Do not forget to take your accessories.
  5. Do not try to use a hairstyle that is drastically different from your usual style. For example if your hair is curly do not straighten all of it because there is no guarantee that it will remain that way throughout the entire celebration. Remember that you will be dancing and walking around the hall.


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