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Leonardo Rocco’s Quinceañera Hairstyles

Alicia Garcia de Angela

Leonardo Rocco is not only famous for styling the biggest celebrities at his salon in Miami, now he also gives us tips for Quinceañera hairstyles and thousands of women know who he is thanks to Univision’s “Despierta America” where Rocco gives his best advice on being trendy, practical and natural.


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During one of the famous Argentinian stylist’s visits to L.A., Leonardo showed us exclusively how to do three Quinceanñera hairstyles. Jazzel Garcia, the image of Quinceanera.com 2012, was the perfect model for the job. Here is the hairstyle guide, step by step:

Loose waves
We begin by splitting the hair in strands, then roll it with clippers, wait for it to get warm and release to show the waviness. We repeat this step over and over until we are done with the entire head of hair. Once the hair is wavy, we split it with our fingers and naturally style it from the front to the back.

The result: open waves, great movement and easy to do, total glamour and romanticism.



Half up, half down
This is ideal for girls who do not want to wear all their hair up. We split a few strands and comb them to the back holding it with pins. Repeat with the front strand, add light hairspray shaking the top part to create volume, hold it loosely and pin it.

We then switch to the side and repeat the process; we roll it to the back and pin it as well, for a princess look you can add a tiara.


We curl the hair down and hold it with pins. If the Quinceanera has bangs we comb on the side, as we do this we must shake the hair in order to create volume.

The result: a natural and ideal Quinceanera hairstyle. We could also add a crown to achieve a classic and elegant look.




Leonardo Rocco, celebrity stylist for Suave Professionals®




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