15 Adorable Quinceanera Hairstyles with Flowers

Jazmin Alvarez

Quinceanera hairstyles with flowers are creating quite a buzz!

Hairstylists are using bright and sweet-smelling flowers that can be found in any garden to decorate long flowing tresses for a romantic effect.


From single roses to flower crowns with peonies, putting the finishing touches to your hairstyle with floral pieces is the perfect way to freshen up your look any day, especially at your quinceanera.

Take a look at the quinceanera hairstyles with flowers that dropped jaws and find the one that suits your style!


You’ll steal the spotlight with a low up-do with flowers. If you’re doing a high up-do, you can adorn the bun with flowers around it.


Amp up your look with an effortless half-up hairstyle with a flower on the side for a romantic touch. Incorporate braids to set an everlasting trend.



If you leave your gorgeous locks down, have your flowers evenly spaced out in a zig zag pattern or place a flower on the side. Another option is to tell your florist to make a crown to wear on your big day with loose waves.

Visit the Quinceanera.com Pinterest page to find a HUGE selection of amazing hairstyles for every quinceanera!

Quinceanera Hairstyles with Flowers

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