Top 3 Romantic Floral Hairstyles For Spring

Jessica Carter

What other hairstyle for a spring quinceanera is better than a hairdo comprised of fresh floral accents?

Since spring is the time for carefree and romantic bohemian hairstyles, nothing can decorate your locks better than floral accents. We’ve consulted experienced hairstylists from fashionable hair salons for their ideas on how to wear a floral hairstyle for a spring quince. Here are three of the most popular floral hairstyles for spring:

  1. Delicate floral pin

If you are a romantic and gentle person, then this hairstyle is definitely for you! Create loose waves with the help of your curling iron or by any other preferred way. Take a lock near your face and fix it approximately above your ear with a floral pin. This floral hairstyle for a spring event is extremely easy and freaking cute at the same time!

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2. Gentle single bloom

This hairstyle is a representation of elegance and femininity; therefore, it’s a perfect choice for an important date night. In order to create a foundation, you have to collect your hair in a low bun or ponytail, leaving a few loose locks in the front. Then experts at fashion hair salon recommend decorating it with a single bloom of light pastel color.

Via Instagram: @gisellefelixmakeup

  1. Oversized floral wreath

If you’re not afraid to attract a lot of attention, then you should try out this floral hairstyle. You can create a super straight look, loose waves, or bouncy curls. The main kicker of this one is an oversized floral wreath sitting on your head! You can experiment with the size and color of the flowers to match or enhance your outfit.

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You can try any of these floral hairstyles for spring, a special occasion, such as a date or even a wedding. These floral hairstyles for spring will be sure to make you look amazing at every occasion!

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