Trendy Hairstyles You Can Do Yourself

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This new era of festivals, from Coachella to the Burning Man to EDC, have brought about new rave-inspired hairstyles that feature intense neon and pastel shades.

1.Funky Multi-colored hairstyles

With the help of your mom or aunt, you can apply any shade into lightened hair. If you already have blonde hair, then you are in luck.

If you are a brunette, then the hardest part of the process is applying bleach to your hair. Remember to leave the bleach in for a small amount of time, 10-20 minutes. Once the hair is lightened, you can enter the color process.

Brands such as Manic Panic and Lime Crime have every color of the rainbow, making this trendy hairstyle perfect for a rainbow quinceanera.

2.Braid Away

This bohemian look was inspired by Woodstock and was re-introduced at popular indie festivals like Coachella. This trendy hairstyle is perfect for the flower child. For more oomph, add a piece of ribbon and weave it into your braids!

3. Glitter Hairstyles

With festival season, comes glitter season! The latest festival look features a trendy hairstyle of glitter makeup everywhere and anywhere-face, lips, and roots.

4.Messy buns

Cute messy side buns are another trendy hairstyle that has popped up recenly. These easy to do hairstyles are perfect for your everyday look!

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