Untangled: The Best Way To Smoother Softer Hair

Reema Arora

Who doesn’t love silky smooth hair? We get mesmerized by various hair products’ ads and buy those products thinking our hair will be transformed in an instant.

We imagine that with one stylish swish of our silky straight and smooth hair, we’ll make our crushes fall for us and the ladies turn green with envy. In reality, while everything will look lovely when we get dressed, the moment we step out of our homes, our hair will have a mind of its own. On good hair days, it will merely fly all over our faces and stick to our freshly coated lipstick, but on bad hair days, it looks like a nest, and you’ll be scared of all the birds flying low.

To understand why our hair might be behaving badly, we need to understand the structure of a strand of hair. Each hair strand has three parts:

  • Medulla – This is the soft, central part of the hair strand. The thicker the hair, the more the medulla.
  • Cortex – This is the thickest layer of a hair strand. It has fiber and color pigments.
  • Cuticle – This is the protective layer of the hair strand.

Our hair might not cooperate with us at many points in time, and this could be the result of damage in any one of these layers.

However hard we try, our hair seems to be at its worst behaved form when it’s an important day or occasion. It seems like the silky, smooth hair is just fictional, appearing only on TV screens and in ads. But, what if you could get untangled locks, shiny and lustrous, without having to step into a parlor?

Smooth and softer hair works best for all the hairstyles that catch your eye. Sounds too good to be true? Not really.

 1. Cold Showers

We might hate doing this. Washing our hair with cold water might suck initially, but it has long-term benefits for our hair. Not just will it reduce hair fall like a miracle, it will also lend more shine and smoothness to our hair. Warm water makes the cuticles loose, resulting in frizzy and unruly hair, while cold water keeps the hair flat and well-behaved. So, if we can all brave the initial chills, our hair would be a happy entity.

2. Coconut Oil


Our hair needs nourishment, and the best form of doing it is by applying coconut oil. Washing and styling cause considerable damage to our cuticles. Coconut oil nourishes this protective layer and keeps our hair well-fed and happy, thanks to which there is a glow or shine that’s evident in the hair.

3. Serums

Once you are done with your shampooing-conditioning routine, you might be tempted to just blow dry your hair and get along because you might be running late. But, hold on! You are doing more harm than good here. The heat from the dryer might cause damage to your hair, making it frizzy and lustreless. A serum effectively tackles these issues, making your hair smoother and silkier.


4. Mayonnaise

It’s a great way to enhance sandwiches and whip up those amazing dips for fries and chips, but did you ever imagine applying mayonnaise to your hair? Why on earth would you possibly do that? It’s because mayonnaise happens to be great if you want silky and detangled hair. Do you? Yes, you do! Applying a mayonnaise mask on damp hair, covering it with a shower cap for 30 minutes, and cleaning it up with a mild shampoo will help you sport those oh-so-lustrous locks. Go for it!

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

Too many food items, we know, but apple cider vinegar is one of the best and easiest ways to get envy-provoking hair. All you’ve got to do is dilute the vinegar in water and spray it on your hair. Even though the smell of the vinegar could put you off, the silky hair will make all the smell worth it.

6. Aloe Vera Mask


Aloe vera doesn’t stop at just being beneficial for your skin. It works like a charm on your hair as well. First, we would need some aloe vera gel. Even though fresh aloe vera gel works best, using store-bought gel won’t be too bad either! We need to apply a mix of the gel and warm water to our hair like a mask and then leave it on for some time. Then, rinse it off, obviously!


Thanks to these effects (trust me) ways, we can sport that ad-worthy hair, swish our mane, and leave a lasting impression. Silky hair is easy to manage and comfortable to style too. With our hair care not in the hands of products and parlor visits, let’s take charge and get mission smooth hair accomplished!



Reema Arora

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