Up, down and half ‘do’s for your Quinceañera look

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On the day of your quinceañera, your look will be one of the details that will help set your overall mood for that special day. So if you want to feel like a princess, a classic beauty or a modern birthday girl, there are infinite hairstyles that will set that mood just right. From classic up do’s, flowing hairstyles and voluminous do’s, your quince hairstyle will be the perfect style to top off your quince look.

The Classic ‘do
There’s something about a traditional quince up ‘do that never goes out of style. The tightly combed up-do with curls is the classic look that is repeated from generation to generation. If you’re leaning into this classic look simply ask your stylist to give you either a full or half up ‘do. Both of these styles are classic quinceañera hairstyles and can be detailed in various ways depending on how creative you and your stylist want to get.

Simply elegant!Simply elegant
If a simple style is what you’re going for, a cleanly finished bun can be an option. With this sophisticated high bun, you’ll be free from hairs that may go wild throughout the day. Tightly combed into a clean and high ponytail, the strands of your ponytail get secured with bobby pins to create the complete bun effect.

Flowing tressesFlowing tresses
For a softer and less made up hairstyle, loosely curled tresses is a great option. For this look, it’s very important to have your hair in its healthiest conditions so a slight haircut may be needed depending on your hair’s current condition. And speaking of condition, you’ll want to make sure you deeply condition your hair the night before your quince party so that your loose tresses can shine to their fullest. A dab of volumizing mousse, a high-powered blow dryer and a big barrel curling iron will be all your stylist needs to create this voluminous and gorgeous look.

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