3 Ideas for Celebrating Around the Pool

Alicia Monsalve

Summer arrives in all its glory and with it the best time to celebrate outdoors. Whether day or night, the pool can be the center of attention, the perfect atmosphere for the party just in time to celebrate your Quinceañera.

In light of the moon

Summer nights can give you the perfect excuse to save some money on the banquet room and focus on other details, such as food and music for your guests. Making the party around the pool allows you to use your reflexes and the coolness of the water as part of your decor and you can simply add drama and imagination: floating flowers or balloons, candles, lighters, light bulbs of the same hue or of many colors, can achieve the right environment. Whether you want it to be formal, as if you want a relaxed atmosphere, from classical to modern, from ethnic to the fantastic, the pool can become a dream to fulfill your fantasy.

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Afternoon games

If you have an adventurous spirit, like swimming and water sports, choosing a pool with slides and games would be in perfect harmony with your lifestyle. To complete the idea, you can serve snacks and soft drinks or a light snack accompanied by juices and smoothies. Exotic dishes are perfect for highlighting the aquatic environment, while the flowers and palm trees give the magic touch to the celebration. This can become an alternative way to celebrate the 15 in a fun way that goes with your personality.pool party, quinceanera ideas, party ideas

Luau, day and night

Recreating the atmosphere of a party in a Pacific island can give you the opportunity to make your party both day and night and surprise your guests with a variety of offerings both in decoration and dance and why not? diving end if circumstances permit.

To do this, make sure you make the invitations explaining that it is a party where guests can choose whether to bring a bathing suit. As well as providing entertainment and attention both in the water and beyond. The food can range from roast pig to the the traditional Hawaiian barbecue, seasoned with salt and wrapped in banana leaves which is baked in a stone oven to make a menu with seafood, pork roasts replacement of various meats, or make a menu of appetizers, you can complement with regional or ethnic food, of course depending on your taste and budget.

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