5 Services a Perfect Quinceanera Venue Should Provide

Grecia Hernandez

There are several rules to follow when celebrating your Quince at a venue, rules established by the business itself that must be met or you might get financially penalized.

Just as we agree to follow these rules, there are certain rights we would like to get in return.


In a perfect world, these are the services the perfect venue would offer:

A Payment Plan

Most Quinceanera venues required a booking deposit plus two more payments, one a few months prior to your party and the last one, a day before or the day of. What if venues offered a monthly plan, one you could continue paying even after your party? There will be no need to request loans! Of course, they will have to fully trust customers to pay after their celebration, a tough one these days…

Rehearsal Time

The perfect Quinceanera venue would allow you to do your waltz and surprise dance rehearsals inside the hall to better get an idea of how the whole show will look (in your puffy dress!). This will also give you a better idea of where to place your candy table, if your guests will comfortably fit, etc.

Ample Parking

Finding a venue with capacity for over 400 guests is easy, finding a venue with parking for over 400 cars is the tricky part. Encouraging your guests to carpool is one thing but imagine having them to park four blocks away?

These are issues that will happen with any party, but in a perfect world, your Quinceanera venue will have space for everyone’s car…

A Cleaning Crew

This is an easy one! Some venues required you to clean the place prior to leaving, in this cases you end up paying less, but hello! How tired will you and your parents be? No matter how much it is, make sure the venue you book has a cleaning crew unless you can get your tias and primas to volunteer and do it for you, for free LOL

Written Self-Explanatory Guidelines

Sure there is the contract you sign but how many people actually read it thoroughly and fully comprehend what to do and what to pass on? In a perfect world, they will provide you with one sheet, a list of simple dos and don’ts.

What do you think?

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