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A Unique Reception Site Makes an Unforgettable Celebration

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When it comes to choosing your reception site, the possibilities are endless! There are countless venues and locations to choose from, so we’ve tried to make the process a bit easier for you by collecting tons of information that will help you make the decision that’s best for you. The following venues and sites are some of the options you have for your Quince reception.


Catering & Banquet Halls. Among all the choices you have, the most popular is the catering/banquet hall. Catering and banquet halls can host anywhere between a few dozen to a few hundred guests. They have more experience hosting events and normally take care of all the details such as tables, chairs, and even catering. However, the prices can run a bit high because they provide so many services.

ballroom reception


Hotels & Resorts. Hotels and resorts are another option to host your Quinceanera reception. The great thing about hotels and resorts is that they oftentimes offer special discounts if you reserve a block of rooms for guests who fly in from out of town for your celebration. Many hotels and resorts have special ballrooms, but hotel and resort reception areas are more corporate in nature, which means you’ll have to put a bit more effort into the decorating in order to achieve the special effect you want.

hotel reception


Restaurants. Many restaurants have special sections that can be reserved for receptions. These are great if there is a restaurant you absolutely love and in which you want to enjoy this special occasion. The restaurant isn’t as formal as the traditional catering or banquet halls, but they can definitely make for a more intimate and easygoing atmosphere. What’s great about hosting a reception in a restaurant is that you don’t have to worry about the catering because food is their specialty.

restaurant reception


Gardens. One of the great things about celebrating your Quinceanera in a Garden is that Mother Nature has already provided you with some of the most beautiful decorations on the planet. Gardens are usually rented out by the hour. The cost for renting a garden is not as expensive as renting catering or banquet halls; however, you are responsible for securing everything else. Prices vary depending on the garden’s size, but on average the cost is $350 per hour, or $3,500 for the entire day.

garden reception


Boats & Quince Yachts. Although this option may be a bit on the pricey side, the spectacular views offered by a boat or yacht celebration will definitely make for a memorable celebration. Rental prices for either a boat or a yacht vary depending on the duration of your celebration and number of guests. The more guests you have, the lower the price per person. The average price for a 4-hour celebration is $150 – $200 per person.

yacht/boat reception



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