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Backyard Quinceañeras can be as lavish as any other reception held in a rented venue. By paying attention to detail and thinking outside the box, a quince fiesta in the privacy of your own backyard can mean more money in your parents’ pockets and a more “homey” feel to the evening’s affairs. Take a look at some of these amazing backyard quince ideas and tell us whether or not a backyard quince fiesta is for you.

Invest in a dance floor
Since you’ll be saving lots of money by not renting a hall, you can invest some of that saved cash into a dance floor. Rather than having your guests dance on the grass or on pavement, you can have a customized dance floor in the middle of your backyard. Lay-on dance floors are similar to puzzle pieces in that each piece hooks to one another. This layout design allows for you to have as small, or as big, of a dance floor as you’d like … and it will definitely take your quince from a weekend backyard get-together to a lavish backyard quinceañera.

Backyard QuinceañerasHire servers and catering
For family weekend get-togethers, it’s normal to have a buffet style meal where everyone helps themselves to food and drinks. But to get rid of that weekend get-together feeling that your family may feel when they step into your backyard, a simple trick to upping the ante on your backyard party is to hire servers and a caterer for your fiesta. Since you’ll have servers as opposed to a buffet reception, your guests will be delighted to take part in your sit down dinner, and will appreciate being waited on rather than having to serve themselves. This simple investment will definitely add a touch of sophistication to your spectacular quinceañera.

Décor, décor, décor
If you’ve had more than one or two family celebrations in your backyard, then you’re all too familiar with the balloon decorations that you usually use. If you want to choose a different décor idea to stray away from what your family is used to seeing, a great alternative for you are drapes. For a dramatic look to your party, you can create a canopy with drapes as well as an overlay on your tables. Draping is another DIY trick that takes extra time to arrange, but definitely pays off because of its over the top look.

Backyard QuinceañerasLighting
Another visual aspect that will blow your guests away is lighting. You can hire a professional lighting company to create a visual mood to your party and to accent special details of it like your cake and centerpieces. The lighting can be placed strategically in the locations that you choose and in the tone that you wish, and is a minimal touch that turns any party into a full blown celebration.


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