Beware of the Hidden Costs of your Quince Venue

Eva Melgarejo

Quince Venue Contract

Booking a venue that fits your needs can be a challenge but once you find the rest it’s a piece of cake!  But what happens when you get a bill after your party?  Like a “pending balance” bill… yes, that can happen if you don’t pay attention to the contract that you are signing.  It’s better to be safe than sorry so ask a ton of questions and avoid the unexpected expense.

Here is a list of questions you want answers for before signing the Quince venue contract:

  • Is security included?  If yes, how many guards per each 100 guests?  If no, what is the cost?  How many do you need for your group?  Can you bring your own?
  • Is there an additional cleaning fee?  What does it include?  Can you take care of cleaning and avoid the expense?  Will they provide someone to clean during your party?  If you are having over 150 guests, we recommend you do… One male and one female so both bathrooms can be serviced.
  • Extended hours fee? Most venues will give you two hours to clear the venue after your party is done at no additional charge.  Some will charge per extra hours you stay.  Make sure to ask and get the information in writing.
  • Is there a cutting cake fee?  Hard to believe but venues that include food will charge a cutting cake fee if they are not the ones providing the cake.  Ask, ask, ask.
  • What time can you get in the venue to decorate?  You will need to have at lease 5 hours to properly decorate.  Always ask if you can go in the day before to deliver centerpieces, linens, etc.
  • Do they require an event planner?  If they do…you may want to consider a professional Event Planner, save the headache! If they don’t, would they provide you with an event organizer the day of your Quince?
  • Parking… how many spaces do they have? Is there a charge? Is there a security guard dedicated to the parking lot?  If not, can you bring your own?  What time do they close the lot?  What happens if someone leaves a car there?

Venue Contract

Like we said before, it is better to be safe than sorry, make a list of all your questions and email it to the venue.  Get all your answers via email to avoid miscommunication and surprises…

Happy Planning!

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