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If you are in the Ontario area, and are looking for a fabulous quince venue that won’t cost your momma’s  arm and your daddy’s leg, then look no further, we found the perfect venue for you! Located on Holt Boulevard in Ontario, the helpful, detail-oriented staff at the Radisson Ontario is more than happy to be by your side, every step of way!

We checked this fab venue out, and while we were there we spoke to Travis Bell, the Catering and Events Manager at the Radisson Ontario. We asked Bell what he thinks a quinceañera celebration should be like, he replied “Quinceañeras are a celebration for the whole family, and it is an investment in creating memories for a lifetime.” We couldn’t agree more! The day may be all about you but the memories you and your entire family will share are priceless. And what better place to celebrate it than at the Radisson Ontario!



We walked down the hall where the staff was hard at work preparing events in one of the various rooms. Bell had nothing but positive comments regarding the staff, “The staff has been working diligently, specializing in quinceañeras for about 30 years delivering everything you need for your special day.” He continue to explain “We offer special packages to fit all budgets and as well as special room rates. To us quality is first. We offer customized, fun and easy tastings to make sure every detail is right… We put the ‘ease’ in easy”

After guiding many quinceaneras on their way to the perfect party, Bell had some helpful tips for quinceaneras looking to book their dream venue, “Always book the date about a year in advance, here at the Radisson Ontario we offer flexible deposits.” You heard right girls! So tell you parents, and padrinos and visit the Radisson Ontario for a tour!

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