5 Unforgettable XV Venues!

Rosalynn Martinez

A waterfront quince?! It is possible at Ports O’ Call Restaurant!

If our 5 Surprisingly Fab XV Venues list didn’t inspire you, we (once again) made a list of Five Unforgettable XV venues that are sure to get your imagination going! Waterfront views, art galleries, and more breathtaking venues to make your quince party unforgettable!

Unforgettable Venue #1: Ports O’Call Waterfront Dining (San Pedro)

For a fab party with a gorgeous view, Ports O’Call waterfront dining in San Pedro might be the perfect place! With a beautiful wraparound view of the ocean and delicious catering options, selecting your XV party venue has never been easier! I mean, look at that view!


Gorgeous waterfront view at Ports O’Call Event Venue.

Unforgettable Venue #2: Bowers Museum (Orange County)  

For the quince girl who loves cultural diversity and art, check out a museum! We love the Bowers museum in Orange County; elegant and filled with art, you can turn your XV party into the most fun museum visit you and your guests will ever have!


Have your quince bash at a museum, like Bowers Museum in Orange County!

Unforgettable Venue #3: USS Midway (San Diego)

For a shocking, unexpected venue look into the USS Midway in San Diego for inspiration! Think Flight Deck, or Hangar Deck with a gorgeous ocean view… think pin-up theme! How shocked would your guests be?!


Imagine your quince fiesta on a US Aircraft Carrier, like the USS Midway in San Diego!

Unforgettable Venue #4: The life arts center (Riverside)

If you are going for a Romantic Italian Renaissance feel for your quince, let the Life Arts Center in Riverside inspire you! With it’s contrasting brick walls, and picturesque historic downtown Riverside location, you can be sure you will have a picture perfect quince party!


A Romantic themed quince would look fab here at The Life Arts Center in Riverside! (Sigh!)

Unforgettable Venue #5: Driehaus Museum (Chicago)

For a venue that is rich in history, and stunning design, look no further than the Driehaus Museum in Chicago! Take your party guests back in time to the Gilded age of lavish Mansions, as they admire (in awe) the magnificent architecture that characterized that Era. Your XV party is sure to be the talk of the century!


Indulge in a lavish quince mansion party, at the Driehaus Museum!

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