How to accommodate guests in a venue to avoid covid transmission?

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Although any gatherings have a risk, making sure you implement protocols to decrease the probability is a must.

Following all mandates and recommendations from your state and county should be at the top of your list when putting together any celebration. In general, we will be sharing some of the ways suggests you follow when accommodating your guests during your celebration. 

Maximum occupancy plus rules & regulations

After you’ve made a list of all the rules and regulations, the first thing to do is to ask your venue about the maximum occupancy your space has to make sure your guests will have enough space possible. Keeping in mind, gathering in bigger spaces and preferably open venues can guarantee a safer environment.

Side note: Send out RSVPs to get an estimate of who you can expect to join you for the occasion. 

Seating arrangements

One of the many ways you can accommodate your guests in a venue is by having seating arrangements. Seating arrangements have always been a thing for celebrations– even pre-pandemic times. Before, it was useful to stay as organized as possible and avoid any unhappy guests complaining about who they were sitting next to. Now, as times have changed this incentive has been used for the comforts and safety of all your attendees. 

Arranging the tables

Keeping in mind that tables can sit anywhere from 6-12 people, having designated seatings per household or family will help your guests feel more comfortable. As far as spacing per table, the LA protocols heavily encourage at least a 6ft of distance recommendation. When arranging your table set-ups, following this same protocol of 6 feet distance can help reduce the risks of covid transmission. Ask your venue about any potential layouts they can provide for you when arranging the tables. When eating out, restaurants typically have some type of shield to separate each table when spacing is very limited. If this is your case, ask your venue if they have shields they can provide you with for the day of the party. 


Overall, try your best to make your celebration as safe as you can. Follow the mandates wherever you are.

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