What to Look for when Choosing the Perfect Quince Venue

Gabriela Alvarado

Whether you are planning a small Quinceañera party or a super extravagant celebration, choosing the perfect Quince venue can be a little bit more struggling than you might at first imagine. It implies more than just your dream place, it requires consideration, extensive research, budget, and much more!


In reality, your Quince venue should be the first and most important step of your party planning process. Follow this guide to make sure you are covering all the details.


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1)  Is your venue accesible to your guests? 

Is it easy to your guests to get to? Find a convenient location for you and your guests. Also, if you’re having a mass, then you should consider having it close to the church as well.


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2)   Are you thinking about comfort?

The site should be large enough to hold your guests comfortably. It’s also important to consider the number of bathrooms compared to the number of guests attending and convenient parking for your guests’ vehicles.


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3)   Avoid last minute deals!

You should book your venue well in advance to ensure that your desired location is available for your desired date, especially since most Quinceañera celebrations are held on Saturdays. Six months in advance is the average time.


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4)   Triple check the price

Check if the price you were given includes any services other than space such as security guards, decoration, music, and food. Venues usually offer great packages. Also, consider the deposit that varies with each venue. Some are between $500 and $1,000 with the option of paying monthly fees.


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5)   Ask for the contract in advance

Make sure you understand the terms and details that are discussed with the manager and that those details are also written in the contract to avoid misunderstanding or confusion later on.


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