The Perfect Quinceanera Venue in San Diego

Alexa DLT

If you are looking for the perfect quinceanera in San Diego look no further. The Royal Banquet Hall in San Diego offers the right services needed for the perfect quinceanera.

Celebrate your quinceanera in a new way with the right atmosphere. Royal Banquet can provide an accommodating experience and incorporate your theme into vendor décor! If you are interested in an Arabian Nights Quinceanera theme or Under the Sea theme, then consider this venue.


Not only does this venue allow you to customize your experience. But this roomy banquet hall is perfect for live performances such as your baile sorpresa, Grand entrance, and Father/Daughter dance.


Best catering services around with professional event planners. You’ll see that this Quinceanera venue delivers the best value for our banquet hall. Royal Banquet hall only delivers the best for their guests but only you’ll know how affordable it actually was.


Royal Banquet Hall

8990 Miramar Rd, Ste 200 A
San Diego, California, CA 92126

(619) 487-0000

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