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The Hunt for the Perfect Reception Hall: Search, Compare, and Save

Jose Francisco Sanchez

After visiting several places and comparing prices, you will be ready to choose the reception hall that best fits you.

It’s a fact. You are 14 years old and your parents have agreed to celebrate your Quinceañera together with your friends and family. Although there is still an entire year left before the party, time will fly by quickly due to the endless number of things you will have to take care of: the dress, religious ceremony, waltz dance rehearsal, invitations and, of course, where the party will take place.

For this type of event, it is common to rent a party hall, although there are other alternatives. For example, you can celebrate your Quince aboard a luxurious yacht or in a large decorated garden. Of course, it all depends on your family or godparents’ budget.

Let’s talk about the most common venue: the reception hall. Found in all types and sizes, these places can be located through advertisements in magazines or the Internet. You can also ask for a referral in any store that sells Quinceañera products. If not, you can always ask your friends or family for any suggestions.

Once you have a list of five or six party halls, make appointments and visit them together with your parents. Make sure to check the location, size, and included services. Take with you a list of questions and don’t sign anything or pay any deposit until you are convinced that it is the ideal place for your Quince.

Generally, you must reserve a reception hall at least six months prior to your celebration. If your godparent will cover the costs, let him/her know which reception hall you chose and how much he/she will have to pay. You will most likely have to give a down payment; the rest of the cost can be covered in monthly payments or a single payment made two or three weeks prior to the event.

More importantly, before signing any contract, your parents must find out what is included for the amount paid. Most reception halls provide special packages that include mostly everything you need, like the party hall, decoration, cake, video and photo, music, food, beverages, and even your Quince dress. Others provide simple services such as tables, chairs, security, and cleaning. It all depends on how much you are willing to spend, although the average package for 250 people and most services included will cost you about $5,000 if your party takes place on a Saturday. If you don’t want your Quince to burn a hole in your pocket, then choose a basic package and look for godparents who can cover the rest.

Another interesting way to save some cash is to buy a special package that lets you celebrate your Quince on a Friday or Sunday. This is definitely a great alternative in a tight economy. Don’t forget to ask for special offers or packages at each reception hall you visit.

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