The Ranch: An Alternative to a Reception Hall

Jose Francisco Sanchez

Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden

Ranches are a great option if you want more space for less money. To those families who are looking for a different place to celebrate a quinceañera, the best alternative is to rent a ranch, an outdoor place which is usually located in city outskirts and has everything necessary for this sort of events.
In comparison to the traditional reception hall, a ranch rents for less, has more space, and provides flexibility when using the facilities, all of which can be key factors in opting for this place. Vera Ferreira, administrator of a ranch in Corona, asserts that “people prefer this place because there are no noise restrictions; there is more space and available time slots, from 6 pm to 2 in the morning.”

Two Corona residents, Paulo and Zulema Rosales, have recently celebrated a quinceañera for their daughter, Wendy Patricia, in a ranch called Crossroads Riverview Park, located at the border of Corona and Norco. “The cost and plenty of space for guests to park their cars is what convinced us,” says Mrs. Rosales. “We paid about $1,000 less than what we would have paid for a reception hall with the same services. Besides, we had less restrictions than a reception hall, in which we were warned not to let children go outside or to close all doors while the event took place. In the end, we opted to rent the ranch; our guests were happy and we saved money.”

Before deciding to celebrate your Quince in a ranch, keep in mind other factors such as distance, since ranches are usually located in the suburbs, parking lots, most of which are not paved and guests must travel through dirt roads to arrive at the ranch, and the weather, since an outdoors climate can easily ruin such wonderful celebration.


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