10 Home Workouts That Prove You Don’t Need a Gym to Get Fit

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With summer just around the corner, everyone is thinking about getting fit and showing off their summer bodies. The good news is, you don’t need a gym to do this! There is a huge range of different activities that you can complete from the comfort of your own living room, and which will all contribute to your overall fitness. Some of these will need simple equipment, but most need nothing more than you, your imagination, and a little bit of motivation!

The following ten home workouts are all designed to get you fit in time for summer without forking out the money or commitment required when you sign up for a gym or a fitness class.

  1. Yoga:

Yoga is probably one of the most recognizable and easy to complete home exercises. It is simple to learn, fun to do, and has a huge range of beneficial effects. All that you will need to get started on your yoga workout is a simple yoga mat and your favorite meditative playlist.


Since yoga is partly mental, it is important to relax and let your body do the work when you complete a yoga workout. If you aren’t sure where to begin then there are a huge range of extremely useful videos on YouTube which teach the basics of yoga.

  1. Sit ups/crunches:

These are relatively self-explanatory, but they involve laying on the floor and moving from a lying position to a sitting position without using your hands. There are numerous variations to this exercise, but the principles of abdominal strengthening and the development of core muscles remain the same. A yoga mat can be used to protect you from hard floors.

  1. Squats:

Squats are one of the best body-weight exercises that you can do. They require no equipment, and can be completed by almost anyone, almost anywhere! The benefits of squats are numerous, but include developing your leg muscles, removing fat, strengthening your core muscles (think six-pack!), and improving your posture. It is important to do squats the right way, so make sure that you learn the correct technique before attempting them.

  1. Front plank:

Also called a bridge, the front plank is a bodyweight exercise aimed at your core muscles and designed to improve your core strength. Start in the push-up position, balanced on your knees and elbows. When you are ready to begin the exercise lift your knees, balancing on your toes and elbows. Try and keep your body relatively parallel to the ground, and hold this position for as long as you can.

  1. Push ups:

The trusty old push-up remains one of the best and simplest home exercises in the book. Everyone can complete some form of push up, and they help develop muscles throughout your body. The main muscles developed are in the arms and core. If you aren’t used to doing push ups then start slow – don’t try and do too many at once or you will be sore for days!

  1. Pull-ups:

With the help of a simple pull up bar you can be developing your back and shoulder muscles from the comfort of your living room. Pull ups are also known as chin ups, and they are very easy to complete. Again, they can be completed by people of all levels. If you can’t complete a real pull up then begin with your feet on a chair and assist yourself while pulling as hard as you can with your arms.

  1. Burpees:

Burpees are the pinnacle of home exercise. They develop almost every muscle and system in the body, and will leave you puffing and covered in sweat. If you aren’t sure what a burpee is then a simple internet search will turn up a lot of examples – many of which will appear to involve people almost dying due to the difficulty of the movement!

  1. Jumping rope:

This is relatively self-explanatory, although you may know it as skipping. Jumping rope develops your cardiovascular system, and is one of the best ways to perform a high-intensity workout from the comfort of your living room.

  1. Running:


Never underestimate the usefulness of simply going out for a jog. Although you may find running a little bit boring or may not like exercising in public, the benefits of going for a good run are hard to beat. You will feel healthier, will lose weight easier, and will feel more energetic in no time! Make sure to tune into a fast, upbeat playlist when you go running to help you cover the miles.

  1. Lunges:

Lunges target your glutes – one of the best areas of your body to work on before summer! They are easy to complete, and can be done with no equipment and little knowledge of fitness principles.

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