10 Things That Happen During your Period

Quince Madrina

Are you going absolutely bananas because of your period?  

Check this out while the last natural remedy for menstrual cramps you took goes into effect…

Feeling crampy and emotional? Hopefully these situations will make you laugh a bit!

10) Although you’re an educated teen who knows it is impossible for it to happen, at times you fear dying from losing so much blood

9) By the time the cramps arrive your only salvation is to curl up in bed just like a baby.

8) Finding something to wear becomes somewhat complicated during these days…

7) Almost any TV show (plus commercials) will make you cry uncontrollably

6) May nobody dare to mess with you or they will awaken the GIRL FURY!

5) You’re already in pain and feeling not-so-pretty when a giant zit decides to make an appearance on a rather noticeable spot!

4) Lucky for you the only social gatherings this weekend are pool parties! YAY Mother Nature!

3) Ice cream, chocolate and junk food will be your BFFs during these days ♥ Hurray for Cookies n’ Cream!

2) Aside from the above, this could be the perfect time to spend at home watching movies

1) By the end of your period, you’re fine! You then remember it will happen again in approximately one month…

On that note, let’s take a look at our favorite period-inspired commercial:

Featured Image by Hello Flo, creative minds behind the awesome video!
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