3 DIY Tips for Naturally Flawless Skin

Iris Gomez

A princess, the one word that defines how we want to look when we are celebrating our Quinceanera. There are so many factors that create the ultimate look whether it’s hair, makeup, skincare, nails, or that special dress every piece is just as important. Many of the factors can be controlled or changed but your skin is one that can’t be tamed. Your skin reacts to the foods you eat, the amount or kind of liquid intake, the products you use, and even the air in the atmosphere. It is important that in months before your grand event you begin to treat your body the way you want your skin to react on that beautiful day.


Here are some tips that will help make the process much easier and still let you enjoy your guilty pleasures while not blowing your budget.

1. Water

Water intake is the first thing that we say is important to clear our skin, but we are all guilty of talking about it but not taking advantage of this complimentary solution that we can easily incorporate into our routine. Drinking 9.5 cups of water a day for 4 weeks straight alters your skin density and thickness. Water also fends off any breakouts by decreasing the concentration of oil in your skin.

2. Lemon

An old Spanish remedy that my mother would have me do is to take lemon juice and squeeze it onto a cotton ball and clean my entire face and neck with it. Lemon contains citric acid that helps remove dead cells and reduce dark spots.

3. Honey

Honey is a great moisturizer and has antibacterial properties that will give you a refreshed look afterwards. Apply the fresh honey onto your skin, let it dry, and rinse with warm water.

These easy DIY tips will allow you to achieve flawless skin without breaking the bank to your Quinceanera budget and leave your skin ready for those unforgettable pictures.

Iris Gomez

Author Iris Gomez

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