4 Steps to Set Healthier Habits

Gabriela Alvarado

With your upcoming Quince celebration, it is time to watch what you eat. A new chapter with new responsibilities begins and what best to make changes in your diet so you feel more active and healthier.

This advice will help you set healthier habits:

1)      Understanding the importance of being healthy

Accepting is step number one, once the problem is accepted there is no excuse not to fight it.

2)      Eating fat free meat

Without a doubt fat gives your favorite dishes and exquisite flavor. However choose healthier by eating white ‘magro like’ meat, not only are these healthy but they are equally delicious.

3)      Appropriate portions

You have to eat a proportioned meal meaning the perfect protein combinations. The quantity is 4 ounces, then if half of your plate contains vegetables, ¼ contains whole grains and the rest contains proteins you will have the perfect combination in a relatively small portion. However since vegetables and grains have fiber in them you will feel full immediately.

4)      A short workout session

A short activity after dinner will burn the most calories. Rest 15 minutes after eating then walk for at least 45 minutes.

You do not have to follow a strict diet to be healthy; these diets are more likely to make you fail. For better results, change your habits and eventually this will become an easy to follow routine.


Gabriela Alvarado

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  • Victoria

    I need this so much!!!

    • jessica

      same with me and my friend we are really chubby so this is gonna help us alot