4 Tips to Avoid Gaining Weight this Winter

Gabriela Alvarado

Considering that during this time of the year we spend less time outdoors and more time on the couch, gaining a few pounds is a given! 

Low temperatures combined with the holidays make us ignore healthy habits in the winter. As a result, many of us gain weight during the winter months taking advantage of holiday treats and using the weather as an excuse to avoid daily exercise or healthy lifestyle.

The fact that it’s cold outside does not mean that the attitude is foreign to indoor health. There are many ways to keep healthy indoors in the winter, regardless of how much the temperature drops outside.

Here are 4 basic tips to avoid gaining weight this winter.

• Pack lunch to school and eat healthy snacks during 

Instead of going to the cafeteria, prepare homemade lunches. If you do that you’ll have full control of your diet and you’ll enjoy healthy meals, avoiding the processed foods that are usually served in cafeterias.

• Tips to avoid gaining weight: don’t skip breakfast


Not eating on a regular schedule often results in over eating. It’s human nature to overcompensate the loss of a meal when the opportunity arises. Side effects of overeating are well known, and when combined with a more sedentary lifestyle during the winter, can result in physical problems come spring.

• Change your eating habits

photo-1478144592103-25e218a04891Competitive bodybuilders call it “grazing”, meaning that they eat more often but in smaller portions. Although this may seem radical to you, it’s highly effective if done correctly. “Grazing” helps maintain the stability of blood sugar levels during the day so that they don’t feel like eating when they shouldn’t.

• Say goodbye to sugary drinks


If asked, most people will admit to over eating sugary foods and drinks during the holiday season. But even after the holiday season is over, there are many ways you can control how much sugar you consume. Probably the most effective way would be to stop drinking drinks high in sugar, like carbonated drinks and those you get at cafes like hot chocolate.

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